scan3D Dual Volume

3D scanner scan3D DUAL VOLUME is a precise contactless measurement device that uses the latest technologies. LED light source and GigaBit Ethernet communication allows you to perform quick complex measurements. As a professional tool for metrology, scan3D DUAL VOLUME is certified according to the German standard VDI / VDE 2634, and the measurement accuracy can be further certified by independent accredited metrology laboratory.
The scanner has two independent measurement volumes handled by two high-end detectors. Large volume allows you to quickly scan dimensions of whole object (e.g. using stick-on markers used for automatic connection of particle measurements). Lustro Small volume enables reproduction of even the most precise details of the objects in high-resolution mode.
All professional 3D scanners produced by SMARTTECH are factory calibrated “plug & scan” devices ready to work within second from launching. Standard 3D scanner is equipped with everything you need for starting professional scanning process: lasers enabling easy positioning of object in measurement volume, tripod with tilt and swivel head and trolley for even more user friendly scanning and
professional transport cases. Scanners can be used in two scanning modes (PRECISE & FAST) in each of the measurement volume, giving additional option to reduce or enhance number of measurement points (sampling density) where needed. Thanks to all those features and certificate of accuracy from accredited laboratory our clients often name those systems optical coordinate measuring machines (CMM).

  • Plug and scan – no need for end user recalibration
  • LED light technology, providing long lifescanning at any light conditions.
  • Detector resolution: 2, 5, 10 Mpix
  • Fast measurement time: from 1 second.
  • Meteorologically tested and certified accuracy.
  • Robust and sealed scanning head cover.
  • Internal Shock Absorber (ISA) system.
Scanning Technology Structural blue or white LED light
Detector resolution 10; 5; 2 Mpix
Measuring field [mm2] 80×100 – 1200×1600
Distance between points [mm] 0,01 – 0,50
Sampling rate [points/mm2] 5 – 1200
Number of points from one scan 2 – 10 milions
Texture scanning option
Time of scanning 1 – 5 sec