Treventus ScanRobot 2.0 MDS

The ScanRobot® 2.0 MDS is a high speed mass digitization system (MDS) designed for large volume digitization of any bound material. This automatic book scanner significantly increases the net throughput and lowers the overall costs of your digitization projects!

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Scanning modes
  • Automatic scanning
  • fast and gentle up to 2,500 pages / hour
  • Semi-automatic scanning
  • for most gentle scanning of fragile books
  • Manual scanning covers, spine, fold outs,…
Mechanical unit
  • 60° book cradle opening angle (no overstretching!)
  • Wooden book cradle for most gentle book handling
  • No clamps or glass plate needed to flatten the pages
  • Robust and simple design – developed for 24/7 operation
Capturing unit
  • One central capturing unit with equal and constant distance to the left and right book page
  • Constant illumination over the whole page
  • Independent from ambient light
  • Constant scan quality and resolution from the first to the last page of a book
Scanning quality
  • Absolutely distortion free scanning up to the book fold due to the patented prism technology
  • No perspective distortions
  • No curvature effects
  • No artefacts in the images
System attributes
  • Integrated system: only 1 PC necessary
  • Built in air-compressor for easy cleaning
  • Self standing unit on wheels for easy relocating
  • Collects dust from books into a filter that can be easily taken out for cleaning and replacement
Speed up to 2,500 pages/hour* (automatic mode)
up to 1,000 pages/hour* (semi-automatic mode)
Page turning automatic with process monitoring (double sheet control)
Aperture angle 60 degrees (steplessly adjustable between 60° and 100°)
Lightning user- and book-friendly LED lightning (without any IR, UV or heat radiation)
Resolution constant and independent of the page format optical 300 dpi (included)
Colour depth & Image types 30-bit, colour, greyscale, b&w
Storage formats
(can be saved simultaneously)
jpg, jpg2000, tiff, tiff G4, png, gif, bmp, pdf (incl. OCR layer), XML, DjVu
Page format (scanning area) minimum (2 times): 5 x 5 cm (1.97 x 1.97 in)
Book size (maximum) 35.5 x 35.5 cm (13.98 x 13.98 in)
Book thickness up to 15 cm (5.91 in)
Paper thickness no restrictions (recommended spectrum: 40 g/m² to 260 g/m²)
Paper quality all pages, also acid damaged and wavy pages from the 14th century up to now
Covers all covers (soft and rigid)
Dimensions l/w/h (without monitor): 0,78 x 0,78 x 1,90 m (30.7 x 30.7 x 74.8 in)

* The page speed can vary depending on paper quality, book size and book condition.

Treventus in action
Thick books
Gentle & Distortion free

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