Additional Equipment

Mobile workstation

Specially dedicated laptop computer with the most compatible hardware and all necessary software, will provide your measurement process even faster and fluent. Just PLUG and SCAN


Shadeless lighting system

Essential for all who desire realistic, colored cloud of points. 3 variable light intensity lamps placed on stands will allow the user to get at least satisfying hue.


Rotary table (up to 15/60/120 kg)

Fully integrated with scanner allows user to scan object from every perspective. Changeable rotation plate, helps to measure object with different size. Slow start function proves object stability. Automatic cloud of points merging by rotary table drops down your working time radically.

Specialistic Tripod

Based on wheels, solid stand for scanning head. Equipped with board for the workstation trochlear, ball head provides the most comfortable location for the measurement process

Markers Ø11

mm / Ø6mm
There’s no problem to measure huge objects. Placing markers will help your computer to merge the cloud of points. Sold in 500pcs packages.